PlayView App: The Beginners Guide

PlayView, previously known as “You Movies App”, is a free movie- streaming app, which allows one to watch movies as well as TV shows absolutely free. Actually, you can watch the movies and shows in any language you desire. It is similar to numerous other apps like Cinema Box, Showbox, Cartoon Hd, Movie Hd App, Hd Cinema and MegaBox Hs but different in a good way.  here is something that all these apps have in common though, and that is the fact that you cannot download them on

Playstore. This means that to get the PlayView app, you will have to download and install it through a PlayView Apk File.



What you get on PlayView: Features

 You can watch all the movies, which are sorted from old to new making it easy to select.

 The movies are arranged according to the release dates.

 The movies are arranged in different categories.

 You can select a media player of choice to watch the movies and series.

 You can stream movies to Apple TV or Smart TV directly from the PlayView app.

PlayView Apk is available in many versions namely V 7.7, v 7.6, 7.9, 8.0, V 8.1 with the latest being the PlayView 8.2 apk.


Some of these features are really great to have and have made the app a worthy competitor for all the rest movie apps.


How to download the PlayView App


The first thing you should do in order to download the app is change the installation settings on your phone. Downloading it from any other source from the phone designated store means that you are getting it from a third party source and the installation might fail, which is why you need to change the settings before you download. 


1. Go to the phone settings, click on security, then on the unknown sources option.

2. Tick on the box provided and save the settings.

3. Now go to the PlayView location site and double click on the PlayView apk file then confirm the installation.

4. The PlayView file is quite small, about 19 Mb so it should take less than two minutes to download fully

5. Once the installation is complete, launch your PlayView app on your device


How to start using the PlayView app


On the first launch, you will see a login page in the app and you can choose to use your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Email so start. After the login is successful, you will find the homepage that contains the movies and the TV shows. Click on the navigation then select the movie you want to watch and enjoy. You will realize there are hundreds of movies available in the app and it is user-friendly in a way you will easily pick what you want to watch. There is also a search option that you can use to search for a specific movie or show you want to watch. It doesn’t get any better that.




PlayView app is one of the best of its kind in the market and you will probably be glad you have actually downloaded it. It is easy to download as well as use then you get to the fun part.